PopFlash Supporter

Host scrims w/ our Discord Bot and practice servers
Supporter Features
Host Full CS2/CS:GO matches

Supporters can host short or long (classic) matches. Even team practice matches (full 30 rounds of practice). Whatever your heart desires. Overtime included.

Play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5
Play on every available CS2 map
  • de_anubis (CS2)
  • de_inferno (CS2)
  • de_overpass (CS2)
  • de_mirage (CS2)
  • de_nuke (CS2)
  • de_vertigo (CS2)
  • de_ancient (CS2)
  • de_dust2 (CS2)
  • de_thera (CS2)
  • de_biome (CS2)
  • de_iris (CS2)
  • de_dust2_classic (CS2)
  • de_cbble (OLD) (CS2)
  • de_cache (unsanctioned) (CS2)
  • de_mutiny (CS2)
  • de_ravine (CS2)
  • de_assembly (CS2)
  • de_train (CS2)
  • cs_office (CS2)
  • cs_italy (CS2)
  • winter de_dust2 (CSGO)
  • winter de_cbble (CSGO)
  • winter de_overpass (CSGO)
  • winter de_mirage (CSGO)
  • winter de_inferno (CSGO)
  • winter de_train (CSGO)
  • cs_assault (CSGO)
  • cs_agency (CSGO)
  • de_forge (CSGO)
  • de_russka (CSGO)
  • de_piranesi (CSGO)
  • de_losttemple (CSGO)
  • de_contra (CSGO)
  • de_lite (CSGO)
  • de_mini_inferno (CSGO)
  • de_zoo (CSGO)
  • de_log (CSGO)
  • de_workout (CSGO)
  • de_insertion2 (CSGO)
  • de_insertion (CSGO)
  • de_all_maps_in_one (CSGO)
  • de_aztec (CSGO)
  • de_inferno (OLD) (CSGO)
  • de_cache (OLD) (CSGO)
  • de_mirage (OLD) (CSGO)
  • de_nuke (OLD) (CSGO)
  • de_cbble (OLD) (CSGO)
  • de_chinatown (CSGO)
  • de_season (CSGO)
  • de_basalt (CSGO)
  • de_canals (CSGO)
  • de_cache (CSGO)
  • de_lake (CSGO)
  • de_shortdust (CSGO)
  • de_shortnuke (CSGO)
  • de_chalice (CSGO)
  • de_boyard (CSGO)
  • de_prime (CSGO)
  • de_blagai (CSGO)
  • de_tuscan (CSGO)
  • de_cbble (CSGO)
  • de_train (CSGO)
  • Custom Map Bans/Vetos
    Build your own custom map pools to ban/veto maps.
    Captain Team Picking
    Private Practice Servers for nades and lineups
    Automatic Discord Voice Channel Management
    Discord Bot Integration

    Add the PopFlash Bot to your Discord server and we will automatically move players into their team voice channels on match start

    ...and more!
    • GOTV Spectating
    • Community Dashboard
    • In-Game Coaching Slots
    • Balance Teams via Advanced Stats
    • 64-tick demos
    • Customize your In-Game Team Names

    PopFlash Retakes

    All Supporter features + private retakes servers
    Supporter+Retakes Features
    All Supporter Features
    2 Simultaneous Matches
    Private Retakes Servers

    PopFlash Broadcaster

    All Features + Zero-Delay Spectating
    Supporter+Broadcaster Features
    All Supporter Features
    3 Simultaneous Matches
    Private Retakes Servers
    ZERO-DELAY In-Game Spectating
    For streaming/spectating matches

    Pricing FAQ

    Can I play PopFlash for free?

    If your friend has PopFlash Supporter, you can play in their full matches for free. While PopFlash used to be free for all, we are no longer able to provide it and sustainably exist.

    Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time – if you do, you will still keep any time you have paid for through the end of your month.

    Can I pay with Paypal?

    I'm sorry, but at this time we only accept credit or debit card payments. If you would like to, you can try setting up a "virtual card" with Skrill which shouldn't cost any money. You can use that to pay for PopFlash.

    Can I boost a community or team?

    Yes, you can. Go to any community page, hit the "Boost" tab, and you can boost your sub there. If you want to boost your own community, go to Pricing > Manage Sub > Adjust Quantity.