Community/Team/Group FAQ

What is a Group?

A group is a central dashboard for you to build your own community or team. Maybe you like playing 10 mans with your friends, or you want to challenge other teams.

This is your place to do so.

How do I set up my Community?

  • Go to settings and change your name and URL slug.

  • Go to the Discord tab and Add the Discord Bot to your server

  • Go to the Dashboard and hit "Start Scrim" and share that URL with your friends

That's it.

What makes a Group special?

Groups are tightly integrated into your Discord Server. When you start a match in your Group, you will get the connect information directly in your Discord Server. After knife round, you will be moved into voice channels automatically. And at the end of the match, we'll post a screenshot of the stats and the link to download a demo.

On top of that, any player that you want to can now host matches in your Group, whether they have Supporter or not. To repeat: the supporter no longer has to be in the scrim. Don't fret, only players whom you give the 'Host' role or higher can do so. And for every boost you have, you can host 1 simultaneous scrim. More boosts = more simultaneous matches.

You also get other nice features like: a larger map pool, 64-tick demos, coaching slots, and practice servers.

What roles get to do what?

  • Owner will always be admin and can not be adjusted by anyone
  • Admin can:
    • Manage roles, Start Scrims, Process Matches, Add Discord Bot, Start Prac servers
  • Mods can:
    • Manage roles, Start Scrims, Process Matches, Start Prac servers
  • Hosts can:
    • Start Scrims, Process Matches

These roles may change and expand over time. Make sure you only give admin to people you can trust, as those will always have power options.

Warning: this page has not yet been updated for CS2

Boost FAQ

What are boosts?

Boosts are for applying PopFlash Supporter subscriptions to a particular community. By default, you boost your own community. However, if you play in a friend's community often, you can boost their community to add extra features like:

  • More simultaneous matches
  • Retakes servers
  • In-Game Spectating

What tiers do each number of boost mean?

  • 1 boost

    • 1 simultaneous match
    • Practice Servers
    • Delayed GOTV spectating
  • 2 boosts

    • 2 simultaneous matches
    • Practice Servers
    • Retakes Servers
  • 3 boosts

    • 3 simultaneous matches
    • Practice Servers
    • Retakes Servers
    • Real time In-Game Spectating

How can I upgrade?

If you have a subscription and would like to add more boosts yourself, go to Pricing > Manage Sub > Adjust Quantity. Or your friends can apply their Supporter subscriptions to your community.

Discord Integration FAQ

What is the PopFlash Discord Bot?

By adding the PopFlash Discord bot to your server, you will get:

  • On match start: the connect info shows up directly in the server
  • After knife round: we will move all the players* into voice channels for each team
  • After the match: we will post the results, a screenshot of the match stats, and the download demo button
  • A handful of commands to interact with PopFlash directly from your server

* (who have connected their Discord account to PopFlash)

Do I have to have PopFlash Supporter for this?

Yes, this is only for communities and teams that have PopFlash Supporter.

If you are a free user and would like to utilize the voice channel management, you can hang around in the voice channel waiting room (silently) and the bot will move you to PopFlash voice channels automatically after knife round. You can talk in game to all players during warmup and halftime.

How do I connect my Discord to PopFlash?

An admin in this community/team who is also an admin of your Discord server must click the "Add Discord Bot" button above and follow the instructions.

PopFlash's Little Helper will let you know when they've joined the server.

If you don't see a button to connect it's because this community is either already connected to a server or you do not have PopFlash Supporter. If you think something is wrong, or you'd like to change which server this community is connected to, please contact me in the PopFlash Discord (instructions below).


  • /setpopflashchannel will tell PopFlash's Little Helper which channel you'd like her to post in
  • /scrim will create a new scrim or share the URL to an existing scrim
  • /score will post a summary of the latest match in the server

If you have ideas for more commands, reach out to me in the PopFlash discord below

I'm having issues connecting the bot to my server

Please contact me (@switz) on the PopFlash Discord - I will help you.