PopFlash 3.1 Redesign
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»switz 🌵· 1:47 PM Sep 6th
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Welcome to the latest iteration of PopFlash. It may not look all too different, but quite a bit of work went in behind the scenes to bring you this updated design and user experience.

Some of the work was long-standing cleanup that I had put off to get to the 3.0 release. Some of it is exploring new ideas to try and make the website more inviting and pleasant.

The most obvious thing that you'll notice is that map images will be ever-present throughout the site, giving it a bit more color and depth. This might seem obvious, but it's not so easy to ensure we have images for every map on the site.

I went through every aspect of the site and rewrote almost all of the UI to be leaner and simpler. It may look very similar to the previous site, but every component from the ground up has been rethought and will provide me with future flexibility to build new features at a better and more sustainable pace.

This also sets us up very nicely for the release of CS2. When CS2 is ready, the site is far more optimized to support it.

If you spot bugs, please let me know here or in our discord. If you have ideas, you know where to find me. If you have complaints, please send them to [email protected] - they love it.

I'll have more updates soon. For now, enjoy the remaining days of your summer. ❤️

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