Clan pay?
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»-TL-トミー (Tommy) · 6:49 AM Jul 7th
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Any hope of a clan pay option? Such as people pitching in for recurring subscriptions by paying any number of dollars that goes in a pool to pay for the next months bill.

»switz 🌵· 1:21 PM Jul 7th
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Excellent question. While I wish this were possible, every transaction cuts into our payment processing fees.

Just so you have some clarity, we pay ~63 cents per 7.99 transaction due to fees. The base fee is 2.9% + 30 cents, though there are added fees on top of that. This is ~8% of the cost in fees.

If we split the transaction into 4, each of you would spend: ~2 bucks (1.9975). The fees on each transaction would be:

$2 * 2.9% + 30 cents + misc fees = ~40 cents. 40 cents * 4 transactions = 1.60 and..

1.60 / 7.99 = 20% of the cost that we'd be paying in fees.

This of course doesn't take into account taxes or anything else (which in many jurisdictions is upwards of 20%).

So basically, instead of paying 0.63 cents per community, we (meaning popflash) would then be paying 1.60 per community.

And that doesn't even begin to consider the complexity of building out and supporting this feature – nor what to do when 3 payments succeed, but 1 fails. It's just too complicated and messy, and cuts into our slim margins that we use to keep this platform up and running for you all.

In short, please find a way to split it among yourselves (venmo, paypal, cashapp, etc?) if you need to split it. If you want to get more boosts, you can each get your own 7.99 subscription and apply the boost to the community to get yourselves extra features and help distribute the cost.

Hope this provides some clarity, thanks for the good question!

»-TL-トミー (Tommy) · 11:10 PM Jul 8th
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Those are all fair reasons for not wanting to do it, but what if the math calculated in your favor or you just had an option to allow another user pay for the community. Say our community that I paid for, maybe someone can pay the full 8 dollars to take care for the next month.

How to deal with 1/4 failed transactions, is to just pull the remaining from the community leader (me).

Either way, everyone is really impressed how nice the platform is to use, esp with the discord bot, and hope it does well.

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