Portland, Oregon

Friday, May 29th 2020

We're always looking to grow our coverage and, now, arguably the most beautiful section of North America is covered. The breathtaking Pacific Northwest.

I feel bad about encouraging anyone to stay inside and play CS:GO rather than enjoying the fresh air up there, but it is what it is.



Crater Lake, Oregon

A few years ago, in 2013, me and some of my closest friends rented an RV and drove from The Gorge in Washington down to Lake Tahoe. One late night, hours dragging, we were sitting on a tank of gas that read 'empty', on a random stretch of road in Central Oregon at around 1am. We were several hours away from our campsite and there was no gas stations in sight. Some beers had been commandeered (by us passengers).

My friend started yelling, "PULL OVER THE RV". The driver deflated – aggravated – "no." But my friend maintained – "PULL THE FUCK OVER".

He pulled over and we stepped out onto a bucolic field. And looked up.

Holy shit. The brightest night sky I've ever seen. It felt like daylight. It was breathtaking.

We watched for a few minutes, in awe and wonder. Then we piled back into the RV and took off. It was just a moment -- one that we consumed to the fullest and then let pass.

But I never really left it.

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