Coronavirus Update

Wednesday, April 1st 2020

Due to coronavirus and the widespread social distancing, PopFlash has seen an unprecedented level of usage these past two weeks. Nearly four to five times (4-5x) our normal levels, and growing. I'm talking 5,000 matches x 30,000 players every day on the way to costing more than $8,000/month in server fees.

For the last five years, PopFlash has been entirely free. I have never put up ads nor have I ever sold your data. I paid every dime out of my own pocket. While I have accepted donations, they've covered less than 6% of the total costs. And PopFlash is a team of one person. I'm not complaining; I did this because I enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, it's reached a point where I literally can not sustain nor afford to run PopFlash for free anymore. The costs are just too high.

I was faced with either shutting PopFlash down or figuring out an alternative. So here's my alternative:

Starting today, I'm introducing a paid 'PopFlash Supporter' role. Only those with this role will be able to host scrims. The other nine (9) players in the scrim can play for free.

For 5 bills, you get a dynamic 5v5 server that handles all the headaches of managing it yourself, including match setup, stats tracking, and demo managing. All for nearly half the price of a monthly CS:GO server. It also comes with 30 extended statistics for every match, a sexy cactus, and more absolutely necessary features.

I will be around on our discord to answer questions. If you're anxious and upset by this, let me know and let's find a solution together. This is not set in stone. If you are able to afford this modest fee, please consider supporting us. I have a lot of really cool projects I'd like to build out over the next few months.

If you've donated in the past, send me an email at [email protected] with your paypal confirmation and your PopFlash URL and I'll make sure you get the equivalent time added to your account.

Thanks for understanding and continuing to be a friendly community member!

My absolute best,


P.S. I've also added a new server location in Barcelona, Spain as well as added the two new maps (de_anubis and de_chlorine) to the map pool. I hope you enjoy these additions.

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